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How do I register a new package?

Single Registration Guide
1. Open the Livvie App and login
2. Tap “Package Tracking.”
3. Select “Register Single.” For multiple packages, we recommend selecting “Register Batch”.
4. Press the screen on the resident’s name to match it later (Optional, you may skip).
5. Scan or enter the tracking number.
6. Take a photo of the package
7. Match resident info by selecting the correct name and unit. If they are not registered in the system, please select a staff in the Management office and add the tag “Unregistered”.
8. Choose the resident or enter the unit number or name.
9. Set location (receiving room, front desk, etc), category (package type:Box, Oversized,Drycleaning,etc), and add notes if needed.
10. Review and tap “Confirm” to finish.

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