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Valet Operations

Ever feel like it takes longer to wait for valet to grab the car than to actually get to your destination? Livvie’s Valet system is the ultimate solution to expedite car-retrieval and improve operational visibility. 

Our platform enables easy car request submission, helping valets  prioritize car retrieval and ensuring prompt delivery.

Payments and tips are possible through Livvie’s portal, giving team members full visibility into the number of transactions happening at their property on any given day.

Request Ahead

Residents and guests can request their valet ahead of time, improving efficiency. 
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Snap & Go Valet

Capture car details like color, make & model, and license plate number with one photo.


True Visibility

Skip the Valet blackhole and gain insight into how many transactions are happening daily. 

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Simplify Valet Operations

Streamline your valet services with Livvie. Our valet feature makes the entire process straightforward and efficient. Whether it's assigning tickets or documenting cars with a snap, Livvie simplifies valet operations for a hassle-free experience.
  • Easily assign QR code tickets to guests for a seamless valet experience.
  • Snap photos for instant documentation of car details, reducing paperwork or manual entry.
  • Valet staff receives SMS notifications for car requests to ensure minimal wait time.

Our Solution

Livvie's valet feature is a game-changer for property management. For management teams, it offers transparency and insight into valet transactions, helping them keep everything in check. On the staff side, Livvie delivers a cutting-edge solution for swift car documentation and retrieval, significantly improving efficiency.
  • Gain full transparency into valet transactions to effectively manage and track operations.
  • The app provides staff with a modern way to document and retrieve cars, reducing manual work.
  • Residents and visitors can request their cars and review valet-related charges.
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Discover the Benefits

Livvie's valet feature unlocks numerous advantages for properties and residents alike. Management teams benefit from streamlined operations and transparency in valet transactions. For staff, it offers a cutting-edge solution for swift car documentation and retrieval. Residents enjoy a seamless experience with the ability to request their cars and monitor valet-related charges in real-time.
  • Livvie simplifies valet operations, reducing wait times and streamlining the process for staff.
  • Gain insight into valet transactions for better management and accountability.
  • Empower residents with the ability to request cars and review related charges for an enhanced experience.
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