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We Believe in the Power of Thriving Properties

It all started with one client asking for a way to identify and register guests in under 60 seconds. We thought it was a pretty simple request... but our search was riddled with complicated and ineffective technologies. So, since nothing was out there, we built our own! Fast forward to today, and our guest registration process can be accomplished in under 10 seconds. 

Livvie makes life easier for staff, which inherently makes life better for residents and their guests. 

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Discover the all-in-one property management solution that transforms operations and delights Residents

With our innovative cloud-based platform, you can enjoy the benefits of seamless visitor management, efficient package handling, complete management of property or community amenities, and more. Experience a new level of property management excellence with Livvie, where we prioritize making life better for your residents and staff.

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Livvie’s journey in revolutionizing property management

Livvie emerged from the vision of an entrepreneur with significant experience in running an IT/MSP company. Recognizing a need for facilitating property management with staff members lacking efficient tools, Livvie was born to provide a comprehensive software solution with a 360-degree view of the property and to make residents' lives easier.

Based in Miami, Florida, Livvie currently serves clients in South Florida and is poised for expansion into other major cities. With over two decades of tech industry expertise, the team in Livvie is dedicated to reshaping property management by offering innovative solutions for seamless and efficient operations.

Based in Miami, FL
Our corporate headquarters
1 Glen Royal Parkway, Suite 202, Miami, FL 33125.

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