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Package Management

Say goodbye to the days of manual package tracking and hello to the future of package management with Livvie. Our technology not only saves time and reduces errors, but it also provides a better experience for your team and residents. With our intuitive software, it takes only 7 seconds or less to document a package and notify the resident.

Our advanced package management system is designed to streamline the entire process. Livvie enables your team to document packages quickly and accurately, saving them valuable time and reducing errors. 

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Scan and Notify

Capture package details and photograph of the package all while sending instant SMS notifications to residents in just seconds.

Chain of Custody

Track the entire journey of packages, including recipient signatures upon pickup, ensuring a secure and accountable process.

Reduce Handling Time

Our package management system is designed to reduce package handling time, making package room management a breeze for your team.

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Package Room Simplified

Livvie's Package Management system is the answer to your property's package handling. This innovative system eliminates the headaches associated with manual package tracking, providing a more efficient and resident-friendly solution. With our user-friendly software, you can document a package in 7 seconds or less and instantly notify the resident.

  • Rapid Package Documentation: Scan the tracking information and take a photo of the package with a few taps.
  • Instant Resident Notifications: Timely text message alerts for residents about their package arrivals as soon as it is scanned in.

Our Solution

Livvie's Package Management system is a solution designed to tackle common package management challenges. By simply installing the app on your mobile device, you can already get started in registering and signing off packages. Additionally, you have the ability to categorize each package and attach labels such as "Damaged" or "Unregistered." This functionality allows for easy filtering and accountability in the package room. Our system also enables batch registration, making it possible to efficiently scan multiple packages with ease, regardless of the recipient.

  • Simplify the package room process by using our Batch Registration, allowing users to scan multiple packages at once.
  • Our staff app allows users to categorize and apply labels for accountability
  • Photo and package details are saved on the cloud, allowing residents the ability review the list of awaiting packages on their phones


Discover the Benefits

Livvie's Package Management System offers a modern approach to package handling, transforming your property's logistics. Our system enhances the resident experience, simplifies package documentation, and ensures seamless delivery. Why should you dive deeper into this solution? Here are the key advantages:
  • Livvie streamlines package documentation, reducing processing time to mere seconds.
  • Residents enjoy the benefit of immediate text message alerts as their packages are scanned in, improving satisfaction.
  • Scan, categorize, and label multiple packages effortlessly, enhancing package room organization and accountability.
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