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Visitor Management

With Livvie, teams can register visitors and contractors in under 10 seconds. Whether residents are having food delivered or hosting a group of friends, our simple technology creates custom visitor barcodes to ensure anyone on your property is approved and accounted for. 

  • Keep your Residents Safe
  • Enhance Front Desk Operations
  •  Create a Happier Staff

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Improved Accuracy

Track visitors with our advanced technology to keep tabs and keep your community as safe as possible.

Hosting Made Easy

Residents can send unique bar codes for their guests, making visitor check ins quick and painless.

Vendor Access

Have full visibility into contractors coming and going

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Simplify Visitor Check-In

Livvie's Visitor Management module simplifies guest check-in for both staff and property management. Using an iPhone or iPad, staff can effortlessly scan a guest's identification, such as a driver's license, and instantly capture a photo of the person. This information is securely stored in the cloud, accessible through our intuitive dashboard view, allowing property management to maintain a real-time log of all checked-in visitors.

  • Easily check in guests and contractors using a mobile device
  • Notify the resident immediately when their authorized guest arrives
  • Management and staff can access and monitor a real-time log of all checked-in visitors.

Our Solutions

Our user-friendly app eliminates the need for long lines and wait times, enabling security personnel to efficiently check in guests in under 10 seconds. This not only enhances security but also offers a smoother, hassle-free experience for visitors. Additionally, you may allow front desk staff or even residents to authorize guests and send them QR codes via SMS, allowing them to check-in conveniently.
  • Reduce wait times at gatehouse and front desk, providing a rapid check-in process.
  • Front desk staff can easily authorize guests and provide them with QR codes via SMS, simplifying access to amenities and re-checking in the property.

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Discover the Benefits

The Livvie Visitor Management System redefines how you manage guests and security at your property. Our system is designed to enhance your visitor experience, streamline check-ins, and ensure the utmost security. Why is this worth exploring further? Here are the key advantages:
  • Simplify guest arrivals, reduce wait times, and ensure smooth access.
  • Guarantee resident safety with our secure guest validation system, which keeps staff up-to-date with the latest news related to the property.
  • With an intuitive interface for both staff and residents, the check-in process is easy and efficient.
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