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Livvie's AI Data Reporting

Unlock the power of AI with Livvie's intelligent data reporting feature. Livvie’s chatbot is your property's resident expert, effortlessly analyzing condo and property documents and policies to provide quick and accurate answers to residents' questions. Say goodbye to ambiguity and confusion, and say hello to a more informed and satisfied community. Explore the future of property management with Ask Livvie™.

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Comprehensive Document Analysis

Our AI feature analyzes and retains valuable information such as condo policies and agreements, ensuring accurate and updated information.

In-App Chatbot

Integrated within the resident app, providing instant property-related information.

Swift Communication

Reduce the need for lengthy email exchanges and speed up response times, our chat bot offers a more efficient way for residents to get the information they need, faster.


Unlocking the Power of AI

Our AI Chat bot simplifies communication for residents by analyzing condo policies, property documents, and regulations. Residents can access our chat bot via the resident app to swiftly inquire about property-related questions, ensuring accurate information and hassle-free communication. This AI solution empowers residents by providing instant access to essential knowledge while streamlining property management processes.
  • Ask Livvie enables residents to quickly and conveniently access property-related information via the resident app.
  • The chat bot analyzes property documents that you can easily upload or scan, ensuring that residents receive accurate information.

Our Solution

Ask Livvie takes the hassle out of property-related inquiries. Instead of residents and management staff exchanging numerous emails or manually searching through documents for answers, Livvie offers a user-friendly solution. This AI chat bot analyzes a wide range of documents, including condo policies, terms, and agreements, to quickly and accurately respond to residents' questions. For managers, this means reduced workload and more efficient responses, while residents enjoy a seamless, self-service experience. With Ask Livvie, everyone wins.
  • Streamlines communication between residents and management.
  • Provides a quick and accurate response to property-related inquiries.
  • Reduces workload for management staff and enhances resident satisfaction.

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Discover the Benefits

Embracing AI in property management opens up a world of possibilities. With Ask Livvie's intelligent data reporting, the benefits extend beyond current capabilities. As AI continues to evolve, staff members can rely on it to answer an ever-expanding array of questions and tasks. Imagine the convenience of having AI help staff with everything from drafting agreements to fine-tuning documents, all while ensuring consistency and accuracy. The future of AI is bright, and it promises more efficiency, time savings, and enhanced operations.
  • AI's potential in property management is continually growing.
  • Staff members can expect assistance with various tasks, from document creation to data analysis.
  • The future of AI holds the promise of greater efficiency and enhanced operations for property management.
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