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Work Orders

Submitting work orders shouldn’t be harder than the actual work, which is why our platform enables staff and residents to quickly submit requests and teams to respond. Track updates, submit requests, and notify residents when an order is complete, all from your phone. 

Whether your team is setting up recurring orders like cleaning vents or keeping track of appliance health through custom QR codes, teams can keep track of productivity and responsiveness on-the-go. 

Recurring Orders

Recurring Orders

Have items in your property that need recurring updates? Create recurring orders to stay ahead of things. 
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Building Equipment QR Codes

 Keep track of the maintenance that has occurred on building equipment like AC units and water heaters. 

True Visibility

Be in the know when a work order comes in and track the timeframe to completion.


Work Orders Simplified

Livvie's Recurring Orders feature simplifies the management of items requiring periodic updates on your property. Whether it's routine maintenance or regular inspections, Livvie allows you to create recurring orders to ensure you stay ahead of things.
  • Easily set up and manage recurring orders for various property needs.
  • Stay ahead of routine tasks and inspections with scheduled orders

Our Solution

With Livvie's Work Orders, you can effortlessly keep track of maintenance performed on essential building equipment such as AC units and water heaters. This feature streamlines equipment maintenance management and ensures you have a comprehensive record of all service and upkeep.
  • Easily monitor maintenance activities on critical building equipment.
  • Maintain a comprehensive history of all equipment servicing

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Discover the Benefits

Our dashboard offers real-time insights into work orders, keeping you informed and allowing you to proactively manage property maintenance. When a work order is submitted, you'll be immediately notified, and Livvie enables you to track the timeframe to completion.
  • Monitor work order’s progress and estimated completion times to plan resources efficiently.
  • Prompt responses enhances resident satisfaction by ensuring timely service
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